Wood Theory : Community Woodshop

An Ashland Community Resource for Using Your Hands


What is Wood Theory Community Woodshop?

Wood Theory’s goal is to build a community of creative folks by inviting members of the general public into a professional quality woodshop and encouraging caffeination and open dialogue between novices and masters. Learning by osmosis is inevitable.

Using high quality, safe equipment, we hope to empower you to start feeding your creative aspirations. In our highly virtual world that we all live in, having an undoubtedly visceral experience has a new and more important meaning. Making things with your hands and leaning in to delayed gratification is a way to achieve some balance in our modern lives.

Our Shop

Stationary Tools Available:

  • SawStop 10” Table Saw (the safest table saw on the planet)

  • Delta Industrial crosscut table saw

  • 24” Band Saw

  • 14” Minimax Band Saw

  • 8” Delta Jointer

  • 15” Powermatic Helical Head Planer

  • Delta Cruzer 10” Miter Saw

  • Powermatic Drill Press

  • Router Table

  • Scroll Saw

  • Many clamps

  • Total shop dust collection and air filtration.

We have many other tools to be shared at independent rates including:

  • Festool TS55 Track Saw

  • Festool Domino Joiner

  • Various sanders

  • Handheld routers

  • Jigsaw

Wood Theory is located at the south end of Ashland near the I-5, just south of Secure Storage near the intersection of HWY 66 and Dead Indian Memorial Road.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us regarding membership, classes, or other opportunities to grow our community of builders and makers.

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