Wood Theory : Community Woodshop

An Ashland Community Resource for Using Your Hands

Regular Joe (or JoAnn) Membership

Just regular Joe (or JoAnn).  A Regular member come often enough to pay by the month, but need to bring their handheld tools and material with them to use the shop.  Regulars can also opt to use one of our lockers (cream and sugar) that will be available to members to store tools and materials in for an extra fee.

Member Studio Space

Cappuccino Members are in the shop most days, consistently foamy and have their own mug (workspace) to sprawl out in, 75 square feet, to be exact.  These members are consistently working on projects and have their own woodworking "cubicle" in which to set up your own workspace.

  • This membership level is only available to folks who have some woodworking experience. If you’re new to working with wood, our Intro to Woodworking Class is required.