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Hi!  I am Nick David, aka Jefferson Woodwright.  I have been building since I was a kid and now find myself 25+ years later doing the same thing!  Over those years, I have honed my eye for perfection, stong sense of design, and unwavering affinity for functionality.  

I was lucky enough to grow up in Ashland, Oregon where life is just one notch more surreal than most other places and where people do what they are passionate about.  I find myself finally entering that mindset after college and corporate jobs.  

A hundred years ago, I was riding in the car with my dad, an accomplished builder, when he told me that the most important things in a home were those that you physically touch and interact with.  From that moment on, I looked at homes through discerning eyes, knowing what to look for and what to avoid, noticing what we interact with and what leads to one's experience in an environment. 

I began woodworking at a young age pounding nails (or sometimes just the hammer) into wood to stay occupied and out of my dad's way.  But I first learned about truly woodworking in high school, taught by the renowned John Weston as I took every semester of Woodworking class I could.  I took the framework of skills I learned in that amazing shop with me to college where I built things in my spare time as a hobby.  Mostly self-taught, I've struggled and found new ways of doing old techniques and harnessed an individual style that is unique and fresh.  

I am honored to be the husband of my phenomenal wife, Amirah.  She has unequivocally supported me in my craft. We had our first pup in June and are excited for the challenge that is parenting! 

Thanks for visiting!