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Autumn is upon us!

Nick DavidComment

As the weather finally cools and the migrating birds find their way through the treetops heading south, I find myself looking back on a truly transformative summer.  Although a drought caused widespread panic about wildfires and water shortages, my little family landed squarely in a heap of opportunity, happiness, and serenity. 

Jefferson Woodwright is busier every day, Amirah is in the process of birthing her own counseling and movement therapy business while raising an infant, and I am more elated every day to be able to drop into my flow in the woodshop with creative design, great customers, and the building of quality things.  At times, my excitement for life cannot be held within and I yip and yell about the quality of life here in Ashland with my family.

 All of this is to say thank you to my fantastic customers, for their generosity and giving me the opportunity to create something functional and beautiful for them.  Thank you.

Oregon Coast Sunset - August 2014

Oregon Coast Sunset - August 2014