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Newest Member of the Family!

Nick DavidComment

There are only a few times in life that you know, in an instant, that everything has forever changed.  On June 14th, we had that realization as we welcomed Baby David into the family.   Nameless, as of yet, we're getting to know him in order to better provide a fitting handle.  He was born happy, healthy, and hungry!  Amirah (mama) had a beautlfully strong and intense labor lasting just four hours.  She is recovering quite well.  

The baby is eight days old today.  He seems to be getting the hang of this world pretty quickly as he makes great eye contact, and attempts to crawl sometimes.  Joy, elation, excitement, and euphoric are words that do not come close to describing our feelings for him.  He is pure love in the most innocent way.  

Welcome little dude.