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Introducing Jefferson Woodwright

Nick DavidComment

Hi!  I'm glad you found us!  


We couldn't be more excited to be open for business.  It's been a long time coming, and our dreams have finally come true.  With a shop space, online store, and all the background business stuff - we're ready to continue producing the best stuff around.

"What the heck do ya make, anyway?" You might ask.

Well, whatever you'd like us to make.  We want a no BS relationship with you.  Simply put, we'll make what you'd like to have.

Jefferson Woodwright's philosophy is that we want you to have the home you'd like.  So we want to produce beautiful, functional, solid pieces that you'll feel proud to pass on to your children.  And when you do, they won't look like antiques!

We hope to work with you in the near future to achieve your goals and do so efficiently and affordably.  

If you think we could help, please don't hesitate to Drop Us A Line!


Nick David, Owner/Maker